Privacy Policy

We feel strongly about keeping our client's information private. Customers data is secured on Host Media secure PCI compliant servers. Host Media has signed up to 'Trustwave' which shows our clients and customers that we will keep their information private.

Secure information

Our servers secure databases hold your personal information where only certain staff are able to access that information. The information has password protection on both our live systems and backups which are stored in our office facilities, these are also locked away.

How secure we are

We accept credit/debit cards via the Host Media billing system, we also offer 'PayPal' for our secure transactions to make sure your credit card details are transferred securely. We do have a 'Secure Sockets Layer' that encodes all information that you enter on this website.

How do you know we are secure?

When seeing if any website is secure, like an online banking service or an online store - look for a padlock icon that will appear at one of the browser corners, depending on the browser type.

Card Information

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customers details with any 3rd parties.

This site uses cookies

To get the very best experience from our website we use cookies for features that may need to record data on your local computer. We make all attempts to store as little data within the cookies as possible and to provide the very best security for our website users. If you have any questions please feel free to contact management.

An API that is a developers best friend

We have developed a powerful API that can be integrated into any application. With our easy to follow documentation and example code, our API is everything you want.

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