Pricing: A Free Package and a Paid Package

We have two packages, one is our free package which you can signup to at any point and have a play with our system. You get all the basic features such as API access, full reporting and support from our lovely team. Our paid package, which we named 'PRO' gives you access to all the lovely extra features to turn your short links into branded links. Below is a feature chart showing what is included in each product.

API Access
Email Support
Real Time Reporting
Click Limits
Password Protected Links
Custom End Short URLs
Link Folder Management
Manage Link Status
Advanced Bot Detection
Custom Field Storage
Branded Short URL
Unlimited Branded Short URLs £30/Month (Inc GB VAT)
Global DNS Services
Integration Support
CAPTCHA-Hosted Reporting
FREE £29/Month
(Inc GB VAT)
Signup Signup

An API that is a developers best friend

We have developed a powerful API that can be integrated into any application. With our easy to follow documentation and example code, our API is everything you want.

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