Real Time Stats

Keeping an eye on your links is something that is missed a lot of the time, with our real time link stats you can make sure you don't miss a click.

Geolocation Stats

Find out if your targetted country audience is being reached as much as you want with our geolocation statistics.

Powerful API

Any application can easily integrate with the smurl.be system. The API allows you to expand your knowledge of your links and take full advantage of smurl.be. Our API allows you to provide short url functionality to any of your existing websites and retrieve click through stats.

Manageable Links

Some people forgot how easy it is to miss the feature of managing and organising - with smurl.be you can manage your links with filters and folders in just a couple clicks.

Advanced Bot Detection

All your link clicks go through our advanced bot detection system to ensure your stats are all human. This helps provide you a better understanding of your click throughs.

Branded Links PRO

If you are after your own branded short URL then the PRO account is the perfect choice for you. With the PRO account you get access to add your own branded URLs. If you would like to add more branded URLs we provide a low cost addon for unlimited branded URLs for £30/month (Inc GB VAT). This is perfect for web agencies or social media companies looking to expand their client services.

Custom Field Storage PRO

It can be annoying having to store extra data in your databases when dealing with 3rd party services. With smurl.be you can store related IDs and names on our databases instead and with our API you can then filter based on those values.

Integration Support PRO

If you are looking for a little more help with your app integration, the PRO account provides you with extended support for your integration. This integration support also includes script support, so if your script just won't work our development team will get you integrated.


Hosted CAPTCHA A CAPTCHA is a system that protects websites against bots by generating a test that a humans can pass but that computer software will not be able to. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown right:

As titled our CAPTCHA is "hosted", meaning the image and answer checking systems are on our secure and reliable servers. This saves you time coding to integrate your own system. Our CAPTCHA is completely free and can be easily integrated into any website. For PRO members you have the added feature of CAPTCHA analytics.

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Getting Started

You can get started by signing up for a free account and test drive our services. We don't do pushy sales talk, just a great app with a great team behind it.

An API that is a developers best friend

We have developed a powerful API that can be integrated into any application. With our easy to follow documentation and example code, our API is everything you want.

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